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Regulating Act 1773 Features, Summary, Important Points

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Regulating Act 1773 Features, Summary, Important Points : The first ever topic when we start reading Constitutional framework of Indian constitutions in Indian polity is Regulating Act of 1773 by British over East India Company. We keep posting such informative post daily , please visit us for current affairs and such topics.

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Regulating Act ( 1773) :-

Regulating Act was implemented in 1773 to control the working of East India Company, as the name suggests it regulates the working and functioning of the company and its  workers.The workers of the company were not allowed to take presents and bribes from native under this act.A Supreme court in culcutta was established in 1774 consists of three judges and one Chief justice.

Features Highlights Of Regulating Act Of 1773 :-

1. Regulating Act was first ever step takes by British to control company workings in India.
2. Governor Of Bengal was renamed as Governor-General-of Bengal.
3. Lord Warren Hasting was first Governor-General of Bengal.
4. Executive council of 4 members was made to help and assist the governor.
5. Governors of Bombay and Madras becomes subordinates of Governor-Genreal of Bengal.
6. Supreme Court established at kolkatta ( Culcutta).
7. To report over civil,military and revenue, Court of Directors were Appointed.

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Thus, this is all about the regulating act of 1773 it laid the foundation of state administration in India, control the company operations related to political and administrative functions.

This is all about the Regulating Act Of 1773, for next topic i.e Pitt’s India Act by william pitt we will make separate post.

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