Important Year Timelines

Important Year Timelines In Constitutional Framework

Important Year Timelines In Constitutional Framework : Here we will discuss and tell you about the important years in topic historical background in constitutional framework of Indian constitution.

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The first ever topic when your starting reading India polity during UPSC preparation is historical background of our constitution, here we are going to tell you important dates in history and summaries all details from historical background topic in making of Indian constitution.

1600 – British Came To India As Traders.
1765 – Company Obtain Diwani By Sah Aalam.
1773 – Company Rule Started
1773 – Regulating Act Passed.
1774 – Supreme Court At Kolkata Established.
1784 – Pits India Act By Willliam Pitt.
1833 – Charter Act
1853 – Charter Act
1858 – Company Rule Ended
1858 – Govt. Of India Act
1858- 1947 Crown Rule
1858 – Sepoy Mutiny ( Company Rule Ended)
1860 – System Of Budget Was Introduced.
1861 – India Council Act.
1862 – Lord Cunning Appointed 3 Indian In Law Making Process.
1862 – New Legislative Council For Bengal Established.
1866 – NWFP – North West Frontier Province Established.
1892 – Indian Council Act.
1909 – India Council Act.
1909 – Morley Minto Reforms.
1919 – Govt. Of India Act.
1921 – Montague- Chemlsford Reform Came Into Act.
1926 – Central Public Service Commission Setup.
1921 – Simon Commission Setup.
1930 – Simon Commission Submitted The Report.
1932 – Poona Pact Signed Between Gandhi Ji And Ambedkar.
1934 – M.N. Roy Suggested For Indian Constitution
1935 – Govt. Of India Act
3rd June 1947 – Mountbatten Partation Plan Was Made.
4th July 1947 – India Independence Act Introduced.
15th Aug. 1947 – Indian Independence Act Implemented.

This i all about the historical background in topic timelines and important dates , for next topic i.e Making Of Indian Constitution we will make separate post.

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