The Cuddapah Systems

The Cuddapah Systems

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The Cuddapah Systems or The Purana Group : the third formation that we have to study in Indian Geography is the cuddapah system, we have already discuss the other formations like The Archaean & Dharwar, Please check those too for clear concept. Now we are going to discuss the summary & explanation of the cuddapah systems , you can download the pdf also from the bottom of post.

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Point Wise Summary of The Cuddapah Systems :

  • Found – 1800-570 millions years ago.
  • Named after cuddapah district of Andhra Pradesh.
  • Rocks are still without fossils.
  • They found in cuddapah & kurnool district of andhra pradesh, chhattisgarh,rajasthan, delhi to south of alwar and in lesser himalayas.
  • 6,000 m in thickness at some places.
Characteristics Of Rocks & Minerals found in them :-
  • Rocks are again without fossils.
  • Rocks consist shales, slates, limestones and quartzite.
  • Low quality of iron ore, manganese ore, asbestos, copper, nickle, cobalt, marble & building materials.
  • Ores Not economical for extractions .
Series Of The Cuddapah Systems :-

1.  Papaghani Series :-

The series in names after the river Papghani of andhra pradesh, the series is rich in quartzite, sandstones, slates, limestones and marbles.

This was all about the The Cuddapah Systems or The Purana Group , keep looking our GEOGRAPHY section for all topics summary, if you have any suggestions comment in box.

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