The Vindhyan Systems

The Vindhyan Systems

The Vindhyan Systems : Previously we were discussing the CUDDAPAH SYSTEMS from chapter structure of india from the Indian geography by Majid Hussain. Now we will discuss the topic the rocks of the vindhyan system , we will provide summary and full explained information on it and it will help you for upsc and other state level competitive examinations.

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Point Wise Summary of The Vindhyan Systems :

  • Named after the Vindhyan Mountains.
  • These mountain act as dividing line between the ganga plains and deccan plateau.
  • Spread over area of 103,600 sq. Km from chittorgarh Rajasthan to sasaram bihar.
  • GBF also known as great boundary fault separates the vindhyan system from aravali for a distance of about 800 Km.
Characteristics Of Rocks & Minerals found in them :-
  • The vindhyan systems rocks are rich in Red sandstone, sand stone & building materials.
  • They are also rich in ornamental stones, diamond ferrous, raw materials for cement, lime glass and chemical industries.
  • Panna and golconda diamond mines lies in The Vindhyan Systems.
  • Historical forts like Red fort, Humayun Tomb and Agra fort are made up of red stone find in these system.
Series Of The The Vindhyan Systems :-

1. Bhander Series :-

Rocks of these series lies mostly in western part of the vindhyan system, they are rich in sandstone, limestone, Diamond and building materials.

2. Bijwar Series :-

Rocks of this series are spread over the Panna and Chatrapur district, they are rich in sandstone, red sandstone and quartzite and diamond.

3. Kaimur Series :-

Rocks of this series are found in Bundelkhand district of UP and Baghelkhand of Madhya Pradesh, like other these rocks are also rich in red sandstone which are used for building material.

This was all about the The Vindhyan Systems , keep looking our GEOGRAPHY section for all topics summary, if you have any suggestions comment in box.

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