Dharwar System

Dharwar System

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Dharwar System Or Proterozoic Formations : from the first chapter of Indian geography we will now study the point wise summary & details of Dharwar system, in previous post we have discussed The ARCHAEAN FORMATIONS and now we are going to tell you about next topic Dharwar System.

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Point Wise Summary of Dharwar System :

  • Found – 2500- 1800 Millions Year Ago.
  • Named after the Dharwar district of karnataka.
  • Dharwar rocks can be found in dharwar & bellary district of karnatka, Nilgiri of Tamilnadu, chotanagpur plateau, mikir & aravali hills from delhi to south of alwar and the himalayan range.
Characteristics Of Rocks & Minerals found in them :
  • Rocks were composed of igneous debris (waste) and gneiss.
  • Rocks are reach in Iron ore, copper, manganese, Mica, Zinc, and Gold & building material.
Series Of Dharwar Systems :
  1. Champion Series :-

Champion series are rich in gold they found in the Kolar gold fields, lying north to mysore city and east of bangalore and in kolar and ranchipur districts. These places are very rich in gold and lots of Gold mines can be found there.

2. Chandrapur Series :-

Chandrapur series are rich in limestones, marble, and specially famous for green marble, they can be mainly found in outliner of Aravali system and in vicinity of Varoda, the special about these series are the famous green marble.

3. Chilpi Series :-

Chipli series is rich in grit,phyllite, green stone and magneferous rocks, they can be found in balaghat,jabalpur and chhindwara of Madhya Pradesh.

4. Closepet Series :-

The closepet series are rich in Quartzite, copper pyrite and magneferous rocks, they found in balaghat and chhindwara district of Madhya Pradesh. The Malanjkhand Copper plant gets copper ore from this series.

5. Iron Ore Series :-

The iron ore series in 65 km in length and spread from singhbhum, bonai, mayurbhanj and keonjhar in Jharkhand. As the name suggest the series is rich in Iron ore and the ore is supplied to Jamshedpur, Durgapur, Rourkela and bokaro steel plants.

6. Khondolite Series :-

These series can be found in large area in eastern ghats and the valley of krishna, the rocks are rich in khondalites, kudurites, charnockites and gneisses.

7. Rilo Series :- 

For the high quality marble these series are famous, they found from delhi to Alwar in north east direction, they are rich in limestones and makrana marbles. The makrana and bhagwanpur are known for high quality of marble belong to this series.

8. Sakoli Series :-

Sakoli series are found in Jabalpur and Rewa districts of Madhya Pradesh and they are rich in mica, dolomite and marble.

9. Sausar Series :-

Sausar series can be found in Nagpur & bhandara districts of maharashtra and chhindwara districts of Madhya Pradesh , they are rich in mica, chist and magneferous rocks.

This was all about the Dharwar System Or Proterozoic Formations , keep looking our GEOGRAPHY section for all topics summary, if you have any suggestions comment in box.

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