[Solved] Google Pay All Transfer Problems – Failed,Processing,Raise Dispute

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[Solved] Google Pay All Transfer Problems – Failed,Processing,Raise Dispute

In this article we are going to talk about all the problem and their solutions that we may face during the transfer or transaction of money with goole pay or TEZ. Are u tensed right now because the money from your account has been deducted and not reached to the account that you were transfering or your transaction is still showing processing from one, two three days or you have raise the dispute and there is no response from google pay.

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Relax , no need to panic your money will be only yours, it is going no where, we are going are going to explain , how you can get your money back or make transaction successful. We are going the discuss the solution problem wise.

  • Transaction Failed
    ( Money Deducted but not credited in account)

Google pay is super fast,super smooth and most reliable mode of transfer through UPI, Most of the transaction are 100% completed but due to the sever load or server fail from bank end your transaction may get failed. The worst part is money from your account will be debited/deducted but it will not credited in receiver account.
Don’t worry you need to wait 3-4 days and your money will be back in your account, you neither need to contact bank nor Google Pay. Money will be auto credited in your bank account.

In most of cases it takes 2-4 days, in my case it get returned next day, in rare case it can take 5-7 days.

  • Status Is Still Processing
    ( Money Deducted but status is Processing)

I had no idea about this error untill i face this problem few days back,generally processing is done just after initialiling the transfer, but sometimes you may face this errors, your money will be deducted and it will not reach to receiver account.
This issue is little bit critical and it doesn’t happens too many times,but don’t worry your money is going no where, it is in safe server.

In Most of the cases Status will be change to complete or failed in 3-4 days, but if u don’t get your status clear in 3-4 days, you will see a raise dispute option, you can click on that and will choose few options and google will update you about the status of transaction.

Within 3-10 days you money will be credited in your or the receiver account, please keep updating your passbook. Again in my case, money get back into my account in 4 days.

  • Payment Completed
    ( Payment Completed,Money Deducted But Not Credited)

I never faced this type of issue but one of my friend faced it, it is rarest or rare error, in this case your payment status will show successful ,money will be debited but it will not be credited in the receiver bank account.

The possible reason that led to this error can be; Either you have entered wrong Account Number or Mobile Number, or server issue from the receiver bank. Google Pay servers are super accurate and they rarely show wrong reports, if you are facing this issue than you need to recheck the account number or mobile number on which you have transfer the amount, if you found everything correct please note the transaction id and contact with your bank. You can also raise a dispute in google pay by contacting to their customer care. Also ask your friend to visit his branch and get his passbook updated.

That’s all about the article [Solved] Google Pay All Transfer Problems-Failed,Processing,Raise Dispute. Hope we able to solve all your problems related to transaction in google pay.

if get any other type of error, please let us know in comment box, we will try to solve your problem.

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