Chandrayaan 2 Mission

Chandrayaan 2 Mission Summary, Importance

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Chandrayaan 2 Mission : After making India proud at global level our space organisation ISRO and ready for another bang on moon, Chandrayan 2 is ready to make India proud again, here we are going to discuss all the important  details, summary and importance of Chndrayaan 2. We hope this post will help you in all UPSC,SSC and all other examinations and enhance your general knowledge too.

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Chandrayaan 2 All Details РFact File :  

Before we move to details , lets have s short look at the specifications and all important details of Chandrayaan 2 :

  • Name Of Mission – Chandrayaan 2
  • Mission Type – Lunar orbiter, Lander & Rover
  • Manufacturer & Operator – ISRO
  • Date Of Launch – 15th July 2019 , 2:51 AM
  • Launch Mass – 3.85 Kg
  • Duration – 1 Year
  • Orbital insertion : 6th Sept. 2019
  • Name Of Lander – Vikrant
  • Power Of Lander – 650 w
  • Name of Rover – Pragyan
  • Power Of Rover – 50 w
  • Rocket – GSLV Mark 3
What Is Mission Chandrayaan 2 ?

After the huge success of Chandrayaan 1 , ISRO has developed another mission for the exploration of moon named as Chandrayaan 2. With the mass of 3.85 kg Chandrayaan 2 to be launched from SRI Harikota, Andhra Pradesh on 15th July 2019 at 2:51 Am in morning. This mission was signed long year back in 2007 between Roscosmos and ISRO.

Importance/Benefits Of Chandrayaan 2 :-

Chandrayaan 2 will be a huge achievement for ISRO, it will make India proud at global level, it help in the Scientific study of lunar topography, tells about the minerals available there and also discover more about the availability of water on moon. It will also help us to get to know about the availability of elements and lunar exosphere. Orbiter will help in making the 3D Maps of lunar surface.

Below are the few pictures and videos that will make you more clear on this topic

Source – AFP

Few days back ISRO released a video that explains the full chandrayaan 2 mission with ease, below is video.

Source – Wiki

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