Article 3 Of Indian Constitution

Article 1 Of Indian Constitution

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Article 1 Of Indian Constitution Summary : Constitution of India is one of the lengthiest constitution in the world. Here we are going to discuss the the serial wise all articles of indian constitution that will help you for UPSC preparations and it will clear the concept and help you to read INDIAN POLITY BY LAXMIKANT more easily.

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What is Article 1 Of Indian Constitution ?

In simple way we can say that constitutional Article 1 on indian constitution deals with the Names and territory of India. India is union of state not the federation of states like USA as States that are with India can’t separate them from India.

According to the Article 1 of the Indian constitution India can be classified into three categories

  1. Territories States
  2. Union Territories
  3. Territories that may be merge or acquired by India in coming future.

This is all about the details and short summary of Article 1 Of the Indian Constitution, hope you like it, If you have any questions, Please let us know in comment box. Also check and Read more topics of INDIAN POLITY

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