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“You Do You” has an impressive cast and potential within its genre, but unfortunately, the film lacks direction and fails to establish a clear identity as a B-movie.

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Ahsen Eroglu, the lead actress, delivers a refreshing and promising performance, but the overall experience falls victim to the cliché that “less is more.”

The plot revolves around Merve (Eroglu), a free-spirited individual living her bohemian lifestyle. However, her world is shattered when she learns that her family’s building is being foreclosed due to her mother’s failure to divorce Merve’s cheating father. In a bid to save their home, Merve comes up with an innovative idea for a dating site focused on soulmates, rather than casual hookups.

Directed by Cemal Alpan and written by Ceylan Naz Baycan, originally titled “Merve Kült,” the film presents a mix of sitcom-level humor and clichés that hinder its overall impact.

The movie starts off as a romantic comedy when a bored billionaire named Anil (Ozan Dolunay) discovers Merve’s unique concept and decides to invest, bringing her closer to saving her family’s home. However, the script struggles with an identity crisis as it transitions into a young adult drama, blurring the lines between rom-com and YA genres.

While some performances, such as Eroglu’s refreshing portrayal and Olcay’s strong feminist character, are commendable, the film suffers from tonal shifts and a lack of conviction in its storytelling.

The scenes and humor within the film often contradict each other, making it challenging for the script to find coherence. Whether it’s Merve’s daydreams reminiscent of “Scrubs,” breaking the fourth wall like “Better Off Ted,” or the inclusion of an eccentric group of inept wealthy misfits akin to “Arrested Development,” the lack of consistency hampers the film’s ability to come together.

Overall, “You Do You” falls below average and fails to meet expectations as a generic YA romance film. The stiff performance by the male lead, Ozan Dolunay, further hampers the film’s appeal. The chemistry between the young actors lacks the necessary spark to make their relationship compelling and engaging.

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