Water Crisis In India

Water Crisis In India

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Water Crisis In India : Water crisis is major problem for the whole world now days and its affecting india too, here we are going to tell you about some data and reports provided by official that will help you in understanding the situation better.

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A report publish in Newspaper The Hindu says ;

  • 600 millions indian faces high or extreme stress over water crisis.
  • 70% of surface water in india is polluted
  • 75% households don’t have source of drinking water inside house.
  • 84% of households don’t have the access to piped water.
  • By 2030 40% of population would not have access to drinking water.

More facts will be added when we get more report , the last report about 2030 as scary and we must ensure proper steps to prevent that , youngistan junction urges you to save water and use as minimum as you can.

Hope you like our article about it , keep visiting Youngistan Junction for articles related to any topics if you have any question, please let us know in comment box.

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