Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 23 Recap And Ending Explained

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In this episode, despite enduring numerous blows to earn an audience with Canute , Thorfinn  finds his conversation with him falling short of his expectations. Canute shows no signs of halting the violence or his seizure of Ketil’s farm, leaving Thorfinn with no choice but to consider resorting to combat.

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While Thorfinn would prefer to avoid a confrontation, it becomes clear that Canute is determined to pursue his goal of becoming a savior for the Vikings, regardless of the outcome.

Hope remains that Thorfinn can sway Canute’s mindset before the situation escalates into violence.

Recap of Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 23 The episode begins with Canute’s men urging Thorfinn to leave, while Einar expresses his frustration by cursing the Vikings, acknowledging the influence of power in determining right and wrong.

Despite his initial intentions, Thorfinn decides not to engage in a fight with Canute. Instead, he declares his intention to flee, opting for a scenario where both of them do not meet their demise.

Despite his previous stance, Canute surprisingly withdraws from Ketil’s farm after conversing with Thorfinn. He goes as far as canceling his plans to seize other farms as well.

Where do Thorfinn and Einar decide to go after leaving the farm? Upon leaving the farm, Thorfinn and Einar make the decision to head towards Vinland. They aspire to establish a sanctuary where people can live free from the threats of slavery and war.

Ending of Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 23 Thorfinn and Einar bid farewell to everyone on the farm as they prepare to depart. Despite being offered money for their travels, they decline the offer.

Meanwhile, on Ketil’s farm, Olmar and some former guards dedicate themselves to reviving the fields. Pater fulfills his promise by continuing to visit Arnheid’s grave.

With the season approaching its conclusion, it becomes evident that the series is wrapping up one arc to pave the way for another. It is gratifying to witness Thorfinn’s hopes gradually coming to fruition, validating his time on the farm even though it was spent in servitude.

I was both surprised and unsurprised by Canute’s change of heart. Thorfinn has always had a profound impact on Canute, and it feels fitting that if anyone could sway him, it would be Thorfinn, given their shared history from the previous season.

The complete circle of their relationship is deeply satisfying, particularly as it seemed that their mindsets had switched for the majority of this season.

One aspect that caught me off guard in this episode was its sense of finality. I am curious to see what lies ahead in the finale, as this episode could have easily served as the season’s conclusion.

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