Superbug – Antibiotic Resistance

Superbug – Antibiotic Resistance : Here we are going to discuss the what are superbugs or what is superbug bacteria and what is antibiotic resistance.

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What is Superbug ?

Those bacteria which are antibiotic resistance are known as the superbug. Antibiotic resistance happens when bacteria changes and became resistance to antibiotic used to treat the infection they caused.

Why Antibiotic Resistance is developing ?
  • Antibiotics are given to crops & Animal in large amount and by eating them we are consuming the antibiotics indirectly and bacteria inside our body is developing the resistance.
  • Antibiotics tablets given by doctors to patients can also develop the antibiotic resistance to the other bacterias.
  • Drug resistant bacteria spreads over other patients in hospitals due to poor hygiene.
  • ¬† Misusing and overusing of Antibiotic also develop the antibiotic resistance.

For example , TB caused by bacterium named Mycobacterium tuberculosis are of many types few of them is MDR TB and other one is XDR TB. MDR TB stands for multi drug resistance resistance and XDR stands for Extensive drug resistance.

When normal TB bacteria develop the resistance then they came under MDR and when MDR bacterias develops resistance then they comes under XDR.

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