What is G-Quadruplexes

G – Quadruplexes

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G-Quadruplexes : If you are little bit aware about the latest researches going on now days you must came across the term G-quadruplexes or Gquadruplexes. Here we will tell your more about that and details it will solve your questions like What is G-Quadruplexes ?

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A study by the researchers at the Indian Institute of Science bangalore has shown that the region of genomine rich in four standard DNA made of guanine nucleotide bases are resistance to radiation.
What is G-Quadruplexes ?

It consist of the three guanine nucleotide base found together and repeated four times.

We know you may already aware of this , but just to recall the information Nitrogen bases in DNA are Adenine, Thymine, Guanine and cytosine.

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