Sreeragam Watch Online On Yessma, Actress Name, Cast, Date

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Sreeragam web series, directed by Lakshmi Dheeptha and available in Malayalam language, explores the romance between a couple who are constantly trying to spice things up in the bedroom. Unlike other web series in the same genre, Sreeragam gives the couple a situation to act in, allowing their love to come through the camera beautifully.

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However, the editing in the series could be better, as there are instances of grabbing and other such things. The web series ends with a shocking twist as the woman finds out about the death of the previous girl. This element of surprise is something that other local OTT platforms have failed to achieve, including the popular Ullu app. We recommend that you subscribe to the Yessma app to watch Sreeragam web series online.

Sreeragam Yessma Web Series Cast includes Amesha. If you want to watch the Sreeragam web series online, simply download the official Yessma app from the Playstore. The Yessma web series follows a subscription model, and you can access all of the content available on the app by paying a small fee.

The direction and cinematography of Sreeragam are top-notch, making it one of the most memorable web series in recent times. Yessma app has released two web series and a short film so far, all of which are unique and thrilling. Additionally, you can also watch exclusive behind-the-scenes content of Sreeragam web series on the app.

However, Yessma app has been embroiled in controversy after actors who performed in the web series filed a lawsuit against the platform. The app has recently released a short video of the actors entering into an agreement for shooting the web series.


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