Mr. Choi In ‘Bloodhounds : Dead Or Alive? | What Happened To Hyeon-Joo?

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In the gripping series Bloodhounds, one character stands out as a testament to the fact that it is not the nature of a profession that is inherently bad, but rather the individuals who wield it. Choi Tae-ho, initially known as a money lender or loan shark, undergoes a remarkable transformation driven by kindness and generosity. His actions and beliefs set him apart from his counterparts, showcasing the power of compassion in a world driven by greed. This article delves into the inspiring journey of Mr. Choi and the reasons behind his extraordinary decision to break away from the bloodhound lifestyle.

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When first introduced to Mr. Choi, he appeared as an ordinary man in a wheelchair, managing his modest bookstore. A woman arrived at his doorstep to return the money she had borrowed for her daughter’s life-saving surgery. In contrast to typical loan sharks, Mr. Choi did not pressure her for repayment. He understood that the funds he provided were being used to save a precious life. Moreover, he abstained from charging any interest, firmly believing that he had been blessed with enough wealth to lead a contented life. Throughout the series, it becomes evident that greed is the driving force behind the transformation of humans into bloodhounds. Mr. Choi, however, chooses a different path, one rooted in his own past.

Mr. Choi’s upbringing in a humble farming family shaped his perspective on life. Tragically, he witnessed his father’s untimely death due to an inability to repay a loan during a devastating famine. At the tender age of ten, Mr. Choi cradled his father in his arms, acutely aware that the lack of money prevented his family from seeking medical help. This heart-wrenching incident left an indelible mark on Mr. Choi’s soul and forged his determination to amass enough wealth to assist those unable to afford medical treatment. In a way, it became his personal mission to honor his father’s memory and ensure that others did not suffer a similar fate.

Lost in Shadows

Although Mr. Choi harbored a genuine desire to help people and effect positive change, he found himself tangled in a disreputable business that led him astray. Like his fellow bloodhounds in Bloodhounds, he charged exorbitant interest rates on loans, even extending his services to large corporations that occasionally refused to repay. To counter these powerful entities, Mr. Choi employed a group of skilled enforcers to confront the gangs hired by the defaulters. In essence, he had to resort to violence to recover the money owed, a reality that filled him with regret. Nevertheless, he remained steadfast in his principles, always striving to do what was right. However, a pivotal event would soon compel Mr. Choi to abandon his business entirely.

One cold winter morning, Mr. Choi learned of a client’s tragic suicide. Perplexed by the act, considering he had granted an interest-free loan with an indefinite repayment period, he sought answers. Investigations conducted by his enforcers revealed that one of his employees, Kim Myung-gil, had exploited clients like this individual to pocket loan extension fees. Mr. Choi had been oblivious to Myung-gil’s practices until innocent lives were lost. The weight of these deaths weighed heavily on Mr. Choi’s conscience, propelling him to shutter his business, preventing further exploitation under his name. In a gesture to assuage his guilt, he even adopted the deceased client’s daughter, Kim Hyeon-joo, and raised her as his own, imparting to her the knowledge necessary to continue his mission.

The Final Confrontation

Despite his desire to help those in need, Mr. Choi encountered adversaries who failed to grasp his intentions. Myung-gil, an ex-convict, remained mired in a life of crime, even when offered a chance at redemption by Mr. Choi. When Mr. Choi decided to retire from the loan business, Myung-gil orchestrated a robbery in a bid to steal what remained in Mr. Choi’s safe. In his attempt to prevent the theft, Mr. Choi was callously thrown out of a window by Myung-gil’s accomplice, Kang In-beom, leaving him permanently crippled. While revenge may have been an option, Mr. Choi chose a higher path, unwilling to see more innocent lives harmed. Thus, he disappeared from the scene, accompanied by his two surviving enforcers. Maintaining a low profile, Mr. Choi continued to offer interest-free loans to those in genuine need.

Meanwhile, Myung-gil’s illicit activities flourished, and though Mr. Choi could have intervened earlier, he refrained from doing so to safeguard Hyeon-joo. Destiny, however, had other plans. Eventually, Mr. Choi’s nemesis discovered his whereabouts and ruthlessly attacked his home, murdering him and plundering his funds. Following Mr. Choi’s tragic demise, Hyeon-joo left the country, seeking solace in a small apartment in Rome, the place her adoptive father had promised to take her. It was a wise decision, as remaining in pursuit of vengeance would have placed her life in jeopardy at Myung-gil’s hands.

One individual, Kim Geon-woo, refused to surrender in the face of adversity and patiently bided his time, awaiting the perfect moment to strike back and dismantle Myung-gil’s criminal empire. In a final confrontation, Geon-woo engaged Myung-gil in a one-on-one duel, exacting the ultimate revenge. Subsequently, Myung-gil was apprehended by Interpol and is likely to serve a sentence for his extensive criminal activities. Meanwhile, Geon-woo selflessly donated all the recovered wealth, in the form of gold bars, to Hong Min-beom. This significant contribution will be used to establish a hospital in Mr. Choi’s name, perpetuating his legacy for generations to come. It was Geon-woo’s way of paying tribute to the man who taught him the value of kindness and compassion. Indeed, Mr. Choi had shared his childhood dream with Geon-woo, recognizing him as the only person capable of fulfilling it.

Conclusion: The character of Mr. Choi in Bloodhounds serves as a beacon of hope amidst a backdrop of darkness and corruption. His journey from a money lender entangled in a sordid business to a benevolent figure helping those in need exemplifies the transformative power of empathy and the capacity for redemption. Though his life was tragically cut short, Mr. Choi’s legacy lives on through the deeds of those he inspired, ensuring that his mission to provide aid to the less fortunate endures as a testament to the indomitable spirit of humanity.

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