Dr. Gupta Ji Wow Cast, Actress Name, Release Date

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Discover all the exciting details about the upcoming web series, “Dr. Gupta Ji Woow,” including its cast, intriguing storyline, and anticipated release date. This romantic drama, presented as a Woow Original Web Series, promises to captivate viewers with its unique narrative. Starring Alendra Bill in the lead role, this Indian language series is set to leave a lasting impression.

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Dr. Gupta Ji Woow Web Series Information Genre: Romance/Drama Platform: Woow App Release Date: July 5th, 2023 Credit: Woow App Originals Main Cast: Alendra Bill Director: Punit Goyal Seasons: 1 Parts: 1 Episodes: 3-4 Languages: Hindi and multiple languages

Dr. Gupta Ji Woow Web Series Story:

Woow has unveiled the trailer for its upcoming web series on their YouTube channel, revealing the release date to fans. This time, the series offers a storyline that transcends expectations, presenting a fresh and distinctive narrative. Woow has always impressed its audience with innovative stories, and this new series is expected to garner significant attention. With various OTT platforms offering a wide range of web series, viewers are eagerly awaiting the unique concept that “Dr. Gupta Ji Woow” brings to the table.

The story revolves around two girls and boys, presenting a fresh take on relationships. Last week, viewers were treated to the debut of “Dr. Gupta Ji Woow” on the Woow app, with four captivating episodes already available. It is worth noting that this platform releases two series per week, catering to the diverse tastes of web series enthusiasts.

Dr. Gupta Ji Woow Web Series Cast:

Prepare to be enthralled by the talented cast of “Dr. Gupta Ji Woow” web series:

  • Alendra Bill as Doctor
  • Sarita Kamal Warsi as Patient
  • Shivam as Compounder

The web series features renowned actresses who have delivered remarkable performances in their previous ventures on major OTT platforms. Their dedicated fan base eagerly anticipates their exceptional work, ensuring an unforgettable viewing experience.

Get ready to embark on a captivating journey with “Dr. Gupta Ji Woow” web series. Stay tuned for its release on the Woow App, where you can immerse yourself in this romance-drama and enjoy the exceptional performances of the talented cast.

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