Based on a True Story Season 2 Release Date? Is it Coming?

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Peacock’s recently premiered mystery-comedy series, “Based On a True Story,” has concluded its first season with an intense cliffhanger, leaving fans eagerly awaiting news about a potential Season 2. Warning: This article contains spoilers for Season 1.

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The show revolves around the financial struggles of Nathan (Chris Messina) and pregnant Ava (Kaley Cuoco). When they hire plumber Matt (Tom Bateman), they unknowingly discover his true identity as the West Side Ripper, a notorious serial killer terrorizing the area.

In a surprising turn of events, Ava proposes a risky plan: they start a podcast featuring Matt, where he can confess his crimes and provide insights into his motivations. Ava believes this will lead to fame and fortune for them when they eventually turn him over to the police.

However, giving a narcissistic murderer a platform backfires spectacularly. Matt not only implicates Nathan and Ava to protect himself but also manipulates the situation to inspire more killings, exacerbating their problems. The podcast faces backlash, leading to its cancellation and pushing Matt to commit further murders.

Season 1 ends with a gripping cliffhanger, as Matt kills their nosy neighbor Ruby and hides the body in Nathan and Ava’s home. As they clean up the crime scene, Ruby’s husband unexpectedly enters. Additionally, it is revealed that Matt is dating Ava’s sister, Tory, raising concerns about her safety and whether she might become Matt’s next victim as he plans his own podcast.

Given the significant cliffhanger, fans are naturally curious about a potential Season 2. While the ending suggests the show has plans for a second season, no official confirmation has been made yet. Several factors come into play, including the ongoing Writers Guild of America strike, which has disrupted production in Hollywood. Additionally, Kaley Cuoco’s busy schedule and motherhood may impact her availability for future filming, considering she was genuinely pregnant during the show’s production.

Another crucial aspect is the viewership numbers. Although the show has received positive reviews, Peacock’s decision to release all eight episodes at once, rather than on a weekly basis like “Poker Face,” suggests they may believe the series is better suited for binge-watching.

As of now, there is no official announcement regarding Season 2. However, if the first season garners a significant response from viewers, “Based On a True Story” may have the opportunity to continue its darkly comedic and thrilling narrative.

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