Article 3 Of Indian Constitution

Article 3 Of Indian Constitution : In this post we will study about the article 3 of indian constitution we will know what article 3 of constitution declares or states. In our previous post we have discuss about the Article 1 and Article 2 of Indian constitution.

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What is Article 3 Of The Indian Constitution ?

Article 3 of the Indian constitution grants the power to the Indian parliament to create new states or boundaries of existing states in india and power to amid into the union of India which are already the part of India.

Difference Between Article 2 & 3 Of The Indian Constitution ?

Article 2 refers to the establishment of new states which are no the part of india and article 3 refers to recreation of existing states of recreation of boundaries within india.

Hope you understand about the Article 3 of the Indian Constitution and the basic difference between the Article 2 and Article 3,if you have any questions, Please let us know in comment box. We are covering all topics of UPSC Polity so, Also check and Read more topics of INDIAN POLITY . For more updates on any topics keep visiting Youngistan Junction.