Accused Episode 12 | Release Date, Spoiler & Where To Watch?

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The hit crime drama series, Accused, has been keeping viewers on the edge of their seats for the past 11 episodes. Now, with Episode 12 fast approaching, fans are eagerly anticipating what comes next in this gripping and thrilling series. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing everything you need to know about the upcoming episode, including the release date, potential spoilers, a recap of the previous episodes, and a review of the series so far.

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Accused Episode 12 Overview

Accused is a crime drama series that follows different characters and storylines each episode, much like the early 1960s TV show “Kraft Suspense Theater.” The series has one season with 15 episodes, and Episode 12 is titled “Jiro’s Story.” The episode is written by Howard Gordon and directed by Tazbah Chavez and Michael Cuesta. The series stars Neil Whitely, Stephanie Nogueras, and Jean-Michel Le Gal, with Matt Code as the producer and Sean Callery as the music composer.

Accused Episode 12 Review

Accused has been a captivating and engaging series since its premiere episode. The show’s structure, with each episode telling a new story with different characters, keeps the audience guessing and adds an element of surprise to each episode. While the series could benefit from more depth, the core concept is excellent, and the show’s execution has been impressive so far.

Accused Episode 12 Release Date

Accused Episode 12 is scheduled to air on Tuesday, April 11, 2023, at 12:00 PDT. Fans have been eagerly awaiting this episode, as it promises to bring exciting plot twists and character developments. The show is available to watch on HULU, Peacock TV, and Vudu.

Accused Episode 11 Recap

In Episode 11, titled “Jiro’s Story,” Jiro is faced with the responsibility of caring for his brother Sam, who has a traumatic brain injury. Jiro’s mother has taken care of Sam since the car accident, but with her passing, Jiro must now decide Sam’s care. He suspects that Sam is being abused in his new group home, which makes the decision all the more challenging. Jiro weighs the pros and cons of various options and must make the best choice for Sam’s well-being.

Accused Episode 12 Spoiler

Episode 12 is titled “Morgan’s Story,” and it is revealed that a teacher has been arrested under suspicious circumstances. The teacher is going through a messy divorce, and the details of their arrest are alarming and require further investigation. The educational institution prioritizes the safety and well-being of its students and staff and will provide support and resources for those affected by the situation.


Accused Episode 12 promises to be another exciting episode in this captivating series. With the release date, potential spoilers, recap, and review all discussed in this blog post, viewers can get caught up on the latest episode of Accused and be ready for the next installment. So, mark your calendars for April 11, 2023, and get ready to dive into this thrilling story.

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