What Is Google Better Ads Standards

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What Is Google Better Ads Standards, Solutions How to Comply :  So you are browsing your gamil or adsense account and suddenly you got a notification from adsense account that “Global Better Ads Standards : Google Chrome will support the better ads standards globally from 9th july . Ads may be filtered on chrome browsers if you don’t comply with the standards.”  If you have no idea what it is we are here for help you and if your site is not comply with this we will tell you solutions too.

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What Is Google Better Ads Standards ? 

Google do a comprehensive web research on more than 66,000 consumers regarding their ad experiences , after the survey google finds some of ads type not suitable for the user and decided to filter those ads on google chrome browser for both mobile and desktop. Below we are mentioning the all ads that were to be filter by google chrome browser from 9th july 2019.

For Desktop :- 

What Is Google Better Ads Standards

You are browsing a website and suddenly a popup appears , it is annoying .. isn’t it ..? well google thinks it too. From 9th july 2019 ads with popup will be filtered on google chrome browser. Most of the ad networks provide hidden audio or video play ads with sound these types of ads will be block by chrome too. Many of movie downloading and pirated sites provide ads with countdown and large sticky ads on their footer that will be blocked too by the new update and google chrome browser.

For Mobile :-

More than 90% of users are from mobile and google focuses more on ad experience for the mobile users, all annoying ads are going to be filtered and blocked by google chrome.

Same like the desktops, popup ads, countdown ads will be filtered by chrome , ads with animation and density higher than 30% will also be filter by chrome to provide smooth experience for the mobile users.

Full screen ads and ads with audio or video streaming will also be filter by chrome same like the desktop, full screen scroll over ads will also be blocked and filter by google chrome browser to enhance users experience.

We are answering FAQ some questions , we are sure it will help you .

Will it affect my adsense account ?
Ans – No

Can by adsense be banned due to this ?
Ans – No

How to comply my site with Google Better Ads Standards.
Ans – Use better ad networks, prefer google adsense, remove popup ads and all other annoying ads mentioned above.

Link of – official Article

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