What Is Auditing In Accounting

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What Is Auditing In Accounting : Here we will discuss the definition of auditing for accounts subject in details with short summary also. Auditing topic is basic for Accounts students and we will discuss it for both levels i.e basic and Graduation Level.

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As we know that every profession equally important on his place.Auditing is an important profession which carry heavy responsibility for judgement.

What Is Auditing In Accounting / Definition Of Auditing : 

when accountancy stop working auditing begins. Auditing is basically he process of examining or studying an company individual or organization’s financial records to determine if they are accurate and in accordance with any applicable rules and regulations.

Process Of Auditing :

Auditing is performed by an Auditor , work of auditor has to verify the entries passed by the accountant and the final account prepared by him,Accountant submit all the voucher and document to him ,if an auditor has to satisfy himself after the due Verification and through scrutiny of account as to whether the transaction entered into the books.it is to be noted that an auditor to submit his report to the effect wheere or not the balance sheet is a true and fair representation of the existing state of affairs of a business concern.

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