Srikanth Bolla Real Story – Where Is He Now? Real Vs Reel

Srikanth was born in Seetharampuram, a small village in Andhra Pradesh. As shown in the film, His relatives and somewhat his parents were upset that he had a disability. Some people advised his parents to abandon him, but they refused to consider this. In the movie, there is a scene where his father nearly buries him alive showing he struggled to accept the responsibility of raising a disabled child. This scene shows the pressure from those close to them.

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They did not realize they had a child destined to transform national perspectives on blind and disabled people. Bolla faced difficulties in school. In an interview, Srikanth explained that he did not feel poor because of his family’s low resources, as he believed he could overcome it through hard work. However, feeling isolated in school without friends made him feel poor. Srikanth’s biggest regret was missing out on enjoying school with friends and experiencing that part of his youth, as others might not have treated him .

It is true that Srikanth was first compelled to study arts instead of science, as shown in the film. Srikanth excelled as a student performing well in every test he took. Challenges surfaced again when IIT coaching centers rejected him and barred him from the entrance test. Determined, Srikanth decided to seek education in foreign nations due to their superior support for disabled individuals. Haldiram, an Indian firm, provided him with a complete scholarship to study overseas. Staying in the United States promised a brighter future for Srikanth.

He harbored resentment towards the hindrances his own country placed in his path because he aimed to educate himself. At some point, he might have considered never returning to India. However, his return led to the establishment of Bollant Industries, a company producing eco-friendly paper products for businesses. Srikanth’s partnership with Ravi Mantha depicted by Sharad Kelkar in the movie happened. The character of Swathi in the movie represents Srikanth’s actual wife, who has been his steady support. Through his Instagram posts, he expresses immense gratitude for Swathi’s contributions. Devika’s role in the film represents the combined efforts of all educators who supported and guided Srikanth throughout his journey.

Based on the advice of some family members, Srikanth’s father decided to relocate him to Hyderabad so he could attend a school that educates disabled children. Leaving his village was the hardest thing Srikanth did. Staying in a hostel by himself and managing all his tasks was tough. However, the greatest of all these challenges was having to eat brinjal daily, as mentioned in the film. It is unclear if Srikanth was expelled from the school as depicted in the movie, but he did stand up to the administration as head boy to demand better facilities for the students.

Srikanth met APJ Abdul Kalam and became the youth head of the Lead India program. There are no official news or reports that Kalam put Rs. 25 lakh into it. A per some media reports Ratan Tata gave a large amount of money to Srikanth’s company allowing him to grow and establish additional setups.

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