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AppleTV+ Original Movie titled “Sharper” has been released on the streaming platform recently which is directed by Benjamin Caron. Written by Brian Gatewood and Alessandro Tanaka, the film is a Psychological Thriller which tells the story of a con artist and the list of cons followed by the ultimate con. Who cons who is what’s interesting in this film.

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It stars Sebastian Stan, Julianne Moore, Justice Smith, John Lithgow and Briana Middleton. Here’s the review of the film for you


As straight up made clear by the film when it starts, “Sharper” stands for “One who lives by their wits” and that is completely true for the entire film. It is the story of cons about cons as one master con artist targets Manhattan Billionaires and that is played by Sebastian Stan. He’s the master con artist who has a team of 2 people who target Billionaires and during their last con, something unexpected happens and well, that sort of makes up for the last ultimate con but does it play out in the favour of our master con artist?

Sharper AppleTV+ Movie Review

The film is divided into chapters that sort of come with their origin stories so we relate to them after they con a Book Store Owner whose store is losing money. With their origin stories that connect in the later part of the show, it builds up the plot and keeps piling up those little cons to the ultimate cons which is quite interesting to watch. The characters have been designed in a very slick way and the two master con artists, Max and Madeline and Sebastian Stan and Julianne Moore play those characters beautifully. There isn’t much fault you can find in the characters here. However, the story does feel a bit overstretched at some point but it keeps up in the second half.

With a runtime of close to 120 minutes, it is kind of a slow burn which leads up to a satisfactory climax living up to the genre it so belongs, “Psychological Thriller” and also the name which just comes down to a battle of wits. Do not get me wrong, it’s no Death Note but it has its charm.

Rating: 3/5

Final Verdict: Sharper is well written and gives a satisfactory conclusion which makes it a worthy weekend watch.

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