Rob “Rabbit” Pitts Now? | Tex Mex Motors, Where He is Now? Age, Instagram, Networth, Wiki

Netflix’s reality show ‘Tex Mex Motors’ takes viewers on an exciting journey with a group of car restoration experts as they undertake the unique challenge of transforming cars from Mexico. However, the path to establishing a successful venture is anything but straightforward, as they encounter numerous obstacles along the way. If you’re a fan of the show and eager to know what your favorite personalities are up to these days, you’re in for a treat!

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Let’s dive into the current endeavors of Rob “Rabbit” Pitts, the Sales Guru of the group. Known for his exceptional skills in finding and selling collectible cars, Rabbit played a vital role in helping the team achieve their profit targets. His expertise extends to the digital realm, where he has cultivated a strong following. With over 125 thousand subscribers on his YouTube channel and more than 40 thousand followers on Instagram, Rabbit leverages his online presence to maximize his car-selling potential. He actively engages with his fans, always ready to discuss cars and share his knowledge and experiences.

Rabbit’s social media channels serve as a platform for showcasing his passion for automobiles and connecting with fellow enthusiasts. Whether it’s sharing captivating stories, offering valuable insights, or simply sparking conversations about cars, Rabbit is thrilled to interact with his dedicated fanbase.

Rest assured, Rob “Rabbit” Pitts continues to channel his expertise and enthusiasm for cars into his digital presence, sharing his experiences and engaging with his followers. As a fan of ‘Tex Mex Motors,’ you can stay connected with Rabbit through his vibrant online community.

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