Rikshawala ULLU Series Actress Name, Real Name, Watch Online Guide

The Indian web series market is becoming more and more competitive, with many OTT platforms providing audiences with a diverse range of options to choose from. Ullu Original App has been known for its bold and edgy content, and ‘Rikshawala’ is no exception. The upcoming web series is set to release on 11th April 2023, and it promises to be an intense and entertaining ride for the audience.

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The series comprises three episodes and features a talented ensemble of actors and actresses. Jinnie Jazz and Maanvi Chugh play the lead roles in the show, while Ashraf plays a supporting character. The series has been directed by an as-yet-unnamed director and produced by Ullu Original.

‘Rikshawala’ is a multi-lingual web series that will be available in Hindi, Tamil, Bhojpuri, Kannada, English, Telugu, and other languages. The show is a perfect blend of drama, thriller, and desire for romance, making it an exciting watch for audiences who enjoy suspenseful tales.

The plot of the show revolves around the lives of two sisters, one of whom falls in love with a man who cheats on her. Devastated by the betrayal, she meets a rickshaw puller on the street and the two strike up an unlikely friendship. The series follows their journey as they navigate through the ups and downs of their newfound love and the challenges they face from those around them.

The series promises to explore some bold and controversial themes that are often taboo in Indian culture. The web series has been marketed as containing 18+ material and is not recommended for audiences who are not comfortable with such content. It is expected to be a hard-hitting and provocative show that is sure to spark conversations and debates among its viewers.

‘Rikshawala’ is an exciting new addition to the Ullu Original App’s catalog of web series. With a talented cast and crew, the series promises to be a gripping and thrilling ride for audiences who enjoy suspenseful and edgy content. The release of the show on 11th April 2023 is eagerly awaited, and fans of the genre are sure to mark the date on their calendars.


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