How To Get Sunglasses Stamp In Google Pay

How To Get Sunglasses Stamp In Google Pay : Gpay is again asking its users to collect the stamps and get the reward in their new 2020 complete the cake offer out of total 7 stamps 3 stamps are more difficult for the users to collect, these are sunglasses stamp, selfies stamp and the disco stamp, we are going to tell you how to get the Sunglasses stamp.

Sunglasses Stamp In Google Pay :

We had already told you about how to collect the selfie and disco stamp and the trick is working fine for so many users of our websites, we are going to disclose how can you get the sunglasses stamp , to get the sunglasses stamp in google pay you have to do the transaction of at least 200 on google pay in the form of mobile recharge or DTH recharge , to get more chances of winning you can book the ticket on book my show by paying with gpay, booking the movie ticket is most accurate trick for it , you can book the movie ticket on bookmyshow worth rs 200-600 and you would surely get a sunglasses stamp on the google pay.

You can also check our more tricks on getting the stamps, the tricks are working fine for the most of our users , for some users it worked 100% have a look at the our post on getting other stamps.

How To Get Disco Stamp [ 100% Working ]

To Get The Disco Stamps You can check our other posts too , please let us know if you found any difficulties or if you have any suggestions.

To get the selfie stamp on google pay you can also check the our seprate post for it , please let us know in comment section it worked for you or not .

How To Get Selfie Stamp  [ 99% Working ]

Please always keep in mind , don’t try to fool the google , you would never get those stamps by just exchanging money with your friends and family , try to do unique pyments to unique merchants and you would surely get a stamp. All The Best

Please keep in mind that these tricks are known to us on experience basis , we were also facing the difficulties in getting the stamps , during this time or during the diwali time but my experimenting we found the solution , and the same case is with complete the cake offer , we have found the solution and we are sharing with you , for now it is working with so many of you , and may be not working for few of you. If it works for you , please let us know in comment box , we would appreciate it and it would help other.

If you still have any questions and if this tricks works for you, please let us know in comment box.

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