How To Get Selfie Stamp In Google Pay

How To Get Selfie Stamp In Google Pay : The google pay aks gpay is back woth another stamp collecting offer just like the dewali offer , they are now asking to collect the total 7 stamps and naming this game as complete the cake offer , here we are going to tell you about how to get a selfies stamp on google pay.

Getting the ballon and Dj stamp is too eassy in google pay, you can get ballon stamps just by doing any form of payment of just by sending money to your friend, and the same process applies with the DJ stamp too , but the most difficult part is getting the selfies stamp on the google pay , many user are claiming that they are not able to get selfie stamp on the cake.

Get Selfie Stamp In Google Pay :

To get selfie stamp , there is no particular or fixed method , you have to use your mind, we can just tell you the process , to get a selfie stamp on google pay you have to do an unique transaction through google pay, you have to pay to a unique payee , you can book tickets at book my show, you can order food at swiggy or Zomato or you can pay on shopping site like flipkart, amazon and myntra.

You would never get money just by exchanging money with your friends and sending the money to each other , google is smart enough to detect you , just be honest and do a transactions on merchants that you have never done before.

If you follow the steps , we are sure that you would get the stamp , the same issue happens to the users during diwali stamp collections, users were found it difficult to get a rangoli stamp, we were also not able to get that, but suddenly while paying electricity bill we found one , and again after 2 days we found another.

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So the point is to get the Selfies stamp on google pay you have to send money or do payments to unique merchants, sending money to each other and exchanging between friends would may no work.

If you still have any questions , you can ask in comment box , if this tricks works for you, please let us know in comment box.

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