How To Get Pizza Stamp In Google Pay

How To Get Pizza Stamp In Google Pay

How To Get Pizza Stamp In Google Pay : Gpay has started new game for 2020 i.e complete the cake offer in which users have to collect the 7 different stamps to earn total amount of 202 to 2020 rs in bank account from google pay, users are busy in collecting the stamps , some stamps are being easily collected while some are taking too long.

We have started the series to tell you and guide you how to collect all the stamps on google pay 2020 complete the cake offer , in that series we are going to tell you that how can you collect the pizza stamp in google pay.

How To Collect Pizza Stamp :


Pizza stamps can easily be collected in google pay, google pay has already instructed in it , if you have began the offer , to collect the pizza stamp , you just have to refer google pay to one of your friend , when he install the google pay through your link , and do his first transaction then you would get rs 180 and a pizza stamp for free by google pay. Just ask you friend to download the google pay from your referral link and when he install the gpay and do his first transaction , you would get a pizza stamp for 100% sure.

Hope this guide works for you , if you also wants to know how to collect the other stamps like Disco, selfies and Sunglasses look at the other posts.

If you don’t know how to refer a friend have a look the guide , to how to refer google pay to a friend.

Jus look at image , you can see the icon or logo of pizza stamp , click on the stamp that and you would get a popup window like this

In the popup window , you would option of invite friends , you can press that button and that would point you to another window , please keep in mind that only share it with those friends who had never install google pay before.

You can share with your friends and family , when they had install the google pay by your link , ask them to add their bank account and then after doing all the process ask them to send their first payment. After this you would get 180Rs and pizza stamp in cake offer for sure.

This tricks is working for all the users and approx for 100% of our site visitors , try it honestly and you would get the pizza stamp for 100% sure. All the Best.

If You have any questions or suggestions..? please let us know in comment section , if this trick works for you , please comment.

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