How To Get Dj Stamp In Google Pay

How To Get Dj Stamp In Google Pay : Gpay As Google Pay has announced the new offer for the users to collect 7 different stamps and complete the cake , users are searching the tips and tricks for getting the stamps and earn the reward.

We have started the series on our website to tell you all the details about the collecting stamps on google pay , we have post the process to collect the Disco, Selfies, Sunglasses and other stamps on google pay , now we are going to post the technique to earn a Dj Stamp On Google Pay.

How To Get Dj Stamp ?

The To most easiest stamps that can be collected very easily are the balloon stamp and the Dj stamp , to get the Dj stamp , you just have recharge your phone or any other number with more than 98 rs and yes you would get a dj stamp in google pay , this trick is working for most of the people.

If this trick doesn’t works for you, don’t worry , we have another one and this one works for 100% sure for everyone, to get a DJ stamp if you are not getting it by Mobile recharge just do a eclectic bill payment of your house and this time you would get a DJ stamp for sure. We have posted the full details On How To Collect All Stamps On Cake Offer , have a look of that, if you are facing any issue in collecting any stamps , it will work for you .

Just to make you aware , google is not a fool and you can never complete the Cake if just keep exchanging money withe your friends and family , you have to do unique and honest transaction in order to earn unique stamps , do it process honestly and you would surely get an Stamp and the reward too . all the best.

If this trick works for you , please let us know in comment section , if you have any suggestions or questions , please ask that too.

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