How To Get Disco Stamp In Google Pay

How To Get Disco Stamp In Google Pay : Gpay The online upi payment application G pay never fails to impress its customer , they always came with the new and interesting offers are quizzes that thrills the users and make them do payments , they now came with the new year 2020 complete the cake offer in which users have to collect 7 different stamps to earn money of 201-2020 , user are now rushing in collecting the stamps and in doing that many are facing the issue in collecting the stamps on Sunglasses, dicso and the selfie.

Get Disco Stamp In GPay :

As google pay has clearly mentioned that you can earn the stamps like pizza and toffee by paying electricity bills and asking your friends to download the Gapy, but the difficult part is collecting stamps like selfie and dico , we have already told you how to collect the Selfie stamp on google pay and the trick is working for many users. Now coming to the diso stamp , to get the disco stamp you have to do the payment of at least 150 on shopping websites like Flipkart, Myntra and Amazon you can also try it paying electricity bill of your house above 300 , but the working trick is paying on flipkart, myntra or amazon , you can also pay on other shopping sites , but be sure that you have to make payment of at least 150 to get confirm chances of getting disco stamp.

Google pay is such a big business model and it can never give you all stamp just by exchanging the money from your friends and family , we are repeating it twice and thrice you have to do a unique payment on any merchent and trust us , you would get the difficult stamps like disco, sunglasses and selfies.

We have made the separate posts on the how to get selfies, disco and sunglasses , we are trying out best to provide you 100% working tricks , the tricks are working for many have a look at those post.

How To Get Selfie Stamp [ 99% Working ]

To Get The Disco Stamps You can check our other posts too , please let us know if you found any difficulties or if you have any suggestions.

To get the selfie stamp on google pay you can also check the our seprate post for it , please let us know in comment section it worked for you or not

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In conclusion of post we can only say , do the unique payment as much as you can , refer to your frineds as much as you can , and you would surely get the reward , All The Best.

If you still have any questions , you can ask in comment box , if this tricks works for you, please let us know in comment box.

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