‘Hotel Cocaine’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained

In Hotel Cocaine’s fourth episode, Valeria tells Roman her date with Andrew got canceled. She thinks it’s because she’s Cuban. Roman doesn’t mind – he wants her focused on school. But Valeria’s still upset. TV shows details of yesterday’s shootout. Roman’s family has no clue he’s involved.

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Meanwhile, Yolanda meets Gomez. He says Nestor lived through the shootout ruining their scheme. She brings up Don Henao, a Colombian aiming to rule Miami with his coke. He’s the guy using cobra symbols on his packages. Gomez swears to fix things. He’s sure Nestor couldn’t have known the plan. Yolanda doesn’t buy it. She stabs him in the back and has him dumped in the ocean.

Yolanda pops into the “Mutiny” and begs Roman to set up a club meeting without a Mutiny card. Janice watches in shock as Roman agrees to let Yolanda in. He’s feeling generous after ratting out his own brother. The irony? He has no clue who she is.

Zulio swings by later while Yolanda celebrates her tiny win even though Nestor still breathes. But Jeronimo’s getting antsy – Nestor’s turf was supposed to be his. Zulio drops a bombshell on Roman: they gotta keep working together. Roman loses it and starts choking the guy. If Janice hadn’t stepped in, there’d be a corpse on the floor. Zulio says sorry and admits he’d have choked himself too if he were Roman.

Meanwhile, Constance and Burton chat about his Ray deal. She warns him Ray’s books are a mess and he shouldn’t borrow cash from him. His bank? It’s under the microscope for fraud.

The Ending

Valeria’s godfather spills the beans about Andrew. Nestor blows his top and confronts the congressman (Andrew’s dad) demanding action. Andrew spills the tea to Valeria on their date. He reveals Nestor’s drug-dealing ways. Andrew’s forced to date Valeria or risk his dad’s neck. Meanwhile, Ray wants Connie gone to save the deal. Burton promises to handle it, but he’s clueless.

Hotel Cocaine’s fourth episode ends with a bang. Roman takes out four Colombians with just some Christmas lights and a gun. But the real shocker? Burton’s sister Connie bites the dust on her way home. Burton’s likely to blame – Ray must’ve pulled the trigger, right?


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