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Goyo Movie Summary And Ending Explained: Goyo is a love story from Argentina about an autistic man who falls for a woman at his work. Goyo was identified with Asperger’s in his life and he learned to manage his daily life well. He was sensitive to changes and liked to keep to his regular activities. Goyo had a job at the museum, and one morning, while going to work, he saw a woman who made a strong impression on him.

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It was raining hard and the woman had a broken umbrella and seemed very upset. However, despite her not looking her best, Goyo thought she was beautiful. Will Goyo find the bravery to meet the woman? Will their relationship blossom into love? Let’s discover.

Saula blamed Eva for everything that happened. She thought Eva had used her brother unfairly. She believed Eva did not care about him. If she did, she would have been more careful. Eva never wanted to hurt Goyo. She thought the time she spent with him was wonderful. She knew going out with him might have been a mistake, but she also thought it didn’t have to be so. Matute disagreed with the choice Saula had made to keep Eva away from Goyo. He thought Goyo had the right to choose for himself. However, Saula wanted to always protect her brother from harm.

It took some time for Goyo to get better. His mother came to see him during this time. Goyo and Magdalena were not close after she left her family for her lover Felix. But, Magdalena helped Goyo understand love and encouraged him to choose for himself just like Matute did. Goyo watched Eva at the subway station. He was shocked to see Saula there too. She told him to forget Eva because their lives were too different and they would not be happy together. But Goyo did not listen. With what little he knew about Eva, he was sure she was the love of his life. He did not hold Eva responsible for his feelings; rather, he felt sorry for her. He believed she did not let herself be happy because she had either never felt that way or was too scared to try. Goyo wanted to change that. He thought that if Saula cared about him, she would let him make his own choices.

Goyo and Eva’s relationship began . He often said hello to Eva, but she was always too wrapped up in her own world to pay him attention. Goyo was so eager to meet her that one day he followed her to a train station. The unfamiliar environment, sounds many people, and the risk of being stuck below ground were too much for Goyo. He boarded the train and tried to speak to Eva, but he felt ill. His heart pounded, and he threw up before he left the train. Eva gestured to him as the train departed. She thought he was bothering her.

Even though Eva was a bit upset with Goyo arriving at her home , he made their atmosphere lighter. When Goyo discovered that Eva’s husband had hurt her, he chose to talk to him the next day. He talked to Miguel at the car wash and told him to not harm Eva again, which made him even angrier. Miguel hit Goyo and spoke to him in a bad way. Goyo left without knowing that their talk would also have an impact on Eva. Miguel accused Eva of cheating on him. Eva saw Goyo at work, and she explained that she did not want his protection. Goyo thought he was responsible for her because he believed they were in love, but Eva said she was wrong that night, and that they were not a couple.

Eva missed Goyo, and she felt that everyone around her held her responsible for the incident. She maybe wanted to be with him, but she was uncertain whether that would be the correct choice.

In the conclusion of Goyo, our main character chose to give the painting he made to Eva. It was raining that morning just like when he first met her. Saula did not halt her brother understanding she needed to let him be himself. Goyo approached Eva holding the canvas. Eva said sorry for hurting him without meaning to. She thought she was too imperfect to be in a relationship, but Goyo disagreed.

He acknowledged that everyone has flaws, but Eva had stopped believing in herself. She was overwhelmed by the negatives and had ceased to value the positives in her life. Goyo assured her that he was different from the men she dated before; he loved her despite her imperfections, and this would not change. Eva embraced him . Deep inside perhaps she chose to allow herself to love Goyo.

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