Google Pay 2020 Complete The Cake Offer

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Google Pay 2020 Complete The Cake Offer Tricks : After huge success of the diwali stamp collection google pay is back again on this new year offer where you are getting rs 220-2020 directly in your ban account by completing the cake. We are giving you full details and tips and tricks to complete the cake and get the money.

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What is Google Pay 2020 cake offer ?

Google pay is offering Rs 202-2020 directly to the bank account of the users who complete the cake , you can check the screenshot to find out how is looks like, google pay is asking you to collect 6 stamps to complete the offer just like diwali stamps collection.

How to activate the Google Pay 2020 offer ?

The offer is available for all the users who are using the google pay , if you are still not able to find the offer in your application you can update your app and then you would find the 2020 section in bottom of your application just like diwali stamp collection.

If you are able to see the 2020 icon in your google pay application , you are eligible for the offer and lets crack it , the offer is starting from the 23rd Dec. 2019.

How To Complete The Offer ?

If we look closely at the google pay cake offer 2020 , we can see there are stamps showing the symbol of Shopping in the first row, pizza,couples together and gift rap in second row, ballon music and fashion glasses in the third row , it means we have to collect total 7 stamps of different types to complete the cake and earn reward in our bank account.

You can check our trick post to know how to crack the google pay 2020 complete the cake offer Check The Post – Tricks To Complete 2020 Cake Offer .

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