Antique Ullu Series Watch Online Guide, Actress Name, Cast, Release Date

“Antique” is a gripping erotic thriller series that delves into the disturbing intentions of a shopkeeper towards vulnerable women. The creators recently unveiled the official trailer for the show, helmed by director Sameer Salim Khan.

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Synopsis of “Antique”

The story centers on a man who assumes full responsibility for his antique store when his wife falls gravely ill and is confined to her bed. However, this seemingly decent man undergoes a sinister transformation, exploiting defenseless women who cross his path in the workplace.

Official Trailer Overview

The official trailer opens with the Antique shop owner tending to his ailing wife. As he takes charge of the expansive shop on his own, he discovers a female customer pilfering items on the store’s CCTV feed. He confronts her, threatening to involve the police. In a shocking turn of events, he coerces her into sexual favors in exchange for forgiveness. This sinister pattern becomes a disturbing daily routine for him, preying on any woman he catches attempting theft in his store.

“Antique” boasts a talented cast including Muskaan Aggerwal, Suhana Khan, Soni Jha, and Anupam Gahoi.